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Pure Tech 8000™ 48K Commercial System

The PURE TECH 8000™ 48K Commercial System is a Complete system that removes Iron, Hardness, Taste and Odor from your well water to give your family the best quality of water. Fleck 2510 Timed Valve
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The PURE TECH 8000™ Commercial water filtration system is specifically for city water in a 6-in-1 multi-bed system designed to remove impurities from the water on a daily basis. The system will filter out chlorine, sediment, hardness, taste, odor and balance the pH* of the water all within a single pass through the system. There are no other equipment add-ons required to buy. The water output from the PURE TECH 8000™ Commercial water filtration system is better than bottled water at every faucet. The frequency of this system regenerating to clean itself depends on water usage and hardness.

Manufactured with corrosion-proof fiberglass media/filter tanks with thick wall construction which won't rust or deteriorate. It simply just regenerates as needed or as time is set to. No monthly filters to replace - Consider the savings after a few years of operation.The PURE TECH 8000™ water filtration system requires no other maintenance than adding salt or potassium to the brine tank which makes it very easy to maintain and operate.

Fleck 2510 Environmental Valve

The PURE TECH 8000™ Commercial water filtration system comes with the award winning Fleck 2510 12-Day Timed Environmental Control Valve. Fleck Control valves have the best performance rating of all water treatment valves. The One-Piece Noryl™ control valve is glass reinforced for exceptional strength and durability. The valve has a heavy duty piston and controls for exceptional performance for many years. This valve can be upgrade to a Fleck 2510 Metered On-Demand Valve or Digital On-demand Valve.

Save money on soap and other cleaning supplies. With the Aqua-Clear Commercial H2O™ water filtration system you will use 50% - 70% less Soap, Coffee, Tea and Sugar. Your pasta won't stick together, and the vegetables will retain their color and vitamins. The Aqua-Clear Commercial H2O™ water filtration system makes your whites brighter and will let colors last longer without fading. Your customers will be amazed at the taste of the coffee, tea, and other beverages made or mixed with water.

Have spotted dishes? This is caused by hard water minerals that actually leave deposits on your dishes and silverware. The Aqua-Clear Commercial H2O™ water filtration system will leave your dishes sparkling clean. Save money on your electric bill without having all the deposits in your Water Heater. Hot Water will heat-up faster and cost less, because the elements are not full of hard water deposits.

* This system balances the pH that it lowers while removing impurities from your water. It will not raise a low pH level, however it will lower the pH level if it is moderately high.
The pH is only raised by the PURE TECH 1500™ Neutralizer

PURE TECH 8000 System Layout

This system is designed with a combination of:

PUR-REZ: Filters, Softens, and removes chlorine and sediments from the water source.

PUR-pH: Balance the pH Level

Synthetic Activated Carbon: Removes taste, odor, and lead. It will not allow bacteria to grow. (This is NOT regular carbon which has to be replaced every 3 to 4 years. It will recharge during every regeneration)

Gravel: Removes the larger particles out the water source.

*This is only a illustration of the different medias within our system. There will be a freeboard space. The Freeboard space is the empty space at the top of the system to allow the cleaning of the medias during the regeneration process to release dirt, sediment, and hardness and send them to backwash. This allows the system to clean itself 100 percent. Other systems on the market require the media to be replaced or added to. This system NEVER has to be replaced when properly maintained. Consider the savings after a few years of operation. This is the best system for you and your family in the water treatment industry.

Everything included with your system:

  • The PURE TECH 8000™ 9" 48K Commercial Water Filtration System
  • Fleck 2510 12-Day Timed Environmental Control Valve
  • ¾” or 1” Plastic Bypass Connections, Upgradeable to Stainless Steel
  • 18" x 36" Black Brine Tank with Float Safety Valve
  • DIY Easy to Install Instructions and Owners Manual


Maximum Capacity
Before regeneration is needed
48,000 Grains
54,000 Grains
65,000 Grains
Maximum Water Hardness
Maximum Iron
Maximum Chlorine
Water Pressure Range (PSI)
25 - 100
25 - 100
25 - 100
Water Temperature
30°F - 100°F
30°F - 100°F
30°F - 100°F
Electrical Requirements
110 - 50/60
110 - 50/60
110 - 50/60
Pipe Size
3/4" or 1"
3/4" or 1"
3/4" or 1"
Tank Sizes Media Tank
9" (dia) x 55" (h)
10" (dia) x 61" (h)
13" (dia) x 61" (h)
Brine Tank
18" (dia) x 33 " (h)
18" (dia) x 33 " (h)
18" (dia) x 33 " (h)
Please contact us or call 770-384-7873 if none of these
systems fits your need or you need a custom system.

Atlanta Water Group Warranty Comparison


Control Valve Options

  • Fleck 2510 12-Day timed Environmental Control Valve
  • Fleck 2510 Metered Environmental Control Valve
  • Fleck 7000 Digital On-demand Control Valve

Bypass Valve Options

  • 3/4" Plastic
  • 1" Plastic
  • 3/4" Stainless Steel
  • 1" Stainless Steel

Fleck 2510 Environmental Timed Valve
12-Day Timed
Fleck 2510 Environmental Metered Valve
Digital Metered Valve

Hard Water Effects

Water Leak Plumber

On Appliances:

Hard water reduces the efficiency of water-using appliances. Water heaters using hard water consume nearly 20% to 30% more energy than a water heater using softened water. Appliances operating with hard water may need to be serviced or replaced more often.

Soap and Skin

On Skin and Hair:

Bathing with hard water leaves a soap residue that clogs the pores on our skin causing excessive dryness, itching, irritation, and the need for lotions. Hard water enhances the effect of psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. Hard water dries hair out causing split ends and the increased need for conditioners and treatments.


On Laundry:

Continued washing in hard water causes your colors to fade and whites to look gray and dingy. Your clothing wears out 30% to 40% faster in hard water and requires the need of more soap to clean. Soap scum is left behind in your clothes, making the material feel harsh and scratchy.

Corroded Pipes

On Plumbing:

Pipes can become clogged or corroded with scale that reduces water flow and eventually requires pipe replacement.

PURE TECH™ Benefits

Clean Dishes

On Appliances:

No scale forming minerals to clog your pipes and your appliances will be free of solidified rock. A water heater using soft water saves nearly 20% to 30% more energy than water heaters using hard water. Appliances operating with soft water will work more efficiently and last longer.

Skin and Hair

On Skin and Hair:

Soap residue will rinse off completely, thus allowing your natural oils to moisturize and soften your skin. In fact, many PURE TECH™ system owners find they use very little lotion or moisturizers after purchasing PURE TECH™ system.


On Laundry:

You'll find that your clothes will look brighter, your towels softer, and clothing will last 30% longer. Save money on soap and other cleaning supplies. With soft water you will use 50% to 70% less detergent and will no longer need to use fabric softeners.

Clean Vegys

Other Great Benefits:

With the PURE TECH™ system you will use 50% to 70% less Soap, Coffee, Sugar, Juices and other household items that you currently add water to.
Pasta doesn't stick together, and your vegetables retain their color and vitamins.

All Systems are Delivered Pre-Assembled.
Just place the Control Valve on the System Tank and your Ready To Install!
Many of our competitors send parts and pieces for you to build your own system.


Download System Brochure, Owners Manual and Warranty on this system for your electronic viewing.

Need Pdf.pdf Reader? Download Adobe Reader Here

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