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Home Residential Well Water Filtration

Pure Tech 3000si™ 10" Iron-Sulfur Removal System

The PURE TECH 3000si™ 10" Iron/Sulfur Removal System is a whole house system that removes Iron, Iron Bacteria and Sulfur from your water using a Fleck 5600 Timed Valve
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The PURE TECH 3000si™ Iron/Sulfur Removal System is a 5-in-1 multi-bed system designed to remove heavy iron, iron bacteria, sulfur, taste and odor from your water on a daily basis all within a single pass through the system. The This system will provide you and your family with crisp, clean, odor free water throughout your home. This is not design to soften.

Easy Maintenance is the key to any good water filtration system. With no monthly filters to replace - Consider the savings after a few years of operation.The PURE TECH 3000si™ Iron/Sulfur removal system requires the adding of chlorine to the chlorinator to the PURE TECH 250 Chlorinator every 60 to 90 days.. The system will regenerate itself clean. The system WILL remove the chlorine back out of your drinking water.

The PURE TECH 3000si™ system comes with the award winning Fleck 5600 12-Day Timed Control Valve. Fleck Control valves have the best performance rating of all water treatment valves. The One-Piece Noryl™ control valve is glass reinforced for exceptional strength and durability. The valve has a heavy duty piston and controls for exceptional performance for many years. Our systems are manufactured with a corrosion-proof fiberglass media/filter tank with a thick wall construction which won't rust or deteriorate.

* This system will not balance the pH level in your water. To correct your pH level, choose the PURE TECH 1500™ pH Neutralizer

PURE TECH 3000si System LayoutThis system is designed with a combination of:

PUR-CLEANSE: Removes Sulfur from the water supply.

PUR-IRON: Removes iron, iron bacteria and sulfur from water supply.

Gravel: Removes the larger particles out the water source.

*This is only a illustration of the different medias within our system. There will be a freeboard space. The Freeboard space is the empty space at the top of the system to allow the cleaning of the medias during the regeneration process to release dirt, sediment, and hardness and send them to backwash. This allows the system to clean itself 100 percent. Other systems on the market require the media to be replaced or added to. This system NEVER has to be replaced when properly maintained. Consider the savings after a few years of operation. This is the best system for you and your family in the water treatment industry.

Everything included with your system:

  • The PURE TECH 3000si™ 10" Iron/Sulfur Removal System
  • Fleck 5600 12-Day Timed Control Valve
  • ¾” or 1” Plastic Bypass Connections, Upgradeable to Stainless Steel
  • PURE TECH 250™ Pellet Chlorinator
  • (1) 3-½ lb. Container 70% Chlorine Tablets
  • DIY Easy to Install Instructions and Owners Manual


Maximum Capacity
Before Backwash is needed
10,000 PPM
20,000 PPM
30,000 PPM
Maximum Iron
Maximum Sulfide
Maximum Chlorine
.5 PPM to 5 PPM
.5 PPM to 5 PPM
.5 PPM to 5 PPM
Water Pressure Range (PSI)
25 - 100
25 - 100
25 - 100
Water Temperature
30°F - 100°F
30°F - 100°F
30°F - 100°F
Electrical Requirements (volts-hertz)
110 - 50/60
110 - 50/60
110 - 50/60
Pipe Size
3/4" or 1"
3/4" or 1"
3/4" or 1"
Tank Sizes (without valve)
9" (dia) x 48" (h)
10" (dia) x 54" (h)
13" (dia) x 54" (h)
Please contact us or call 770-384-7873 if none of these
systems fits your need or you need a custom system.

Atlanta Water Group Warranty Comparison


Control Valve Options

  • Fleck 5600 12-Day Timed Control Valve Fleck 5600 Timed Valve

Bypass Valve Options

  • 3/4" Plastic
  • 1" Plastic
  • 3/4" Stainless Steel
  • 1" Stainless Steel

Well Water Effects

Water Leak PlumberHard Water and pH:

Hard water reduces the efficiency of water-using appliances. Water heaters using hard water consume nearly 20% to 30% more energy than a water heater using softened water. Appliances operating with hard water may need to be serviced or replaced more often. Well water can have a low pH or 'acidic water'. Low pH can leave blue or green colored stains in sinks, tubs, etc. This is damaging to copper piping causing copper degradation, making pinhole leaks in your plumbing system. Appliances, Faucets, and anything with copper will eventually fail and have to be replaced more often. Acidic water also reduces the efficiency of water-using appliances, soaps and cleaners. Neutralizing the water supply will protect and extend the life of your plumbing system and appliances.

Iron & Iron Bacteria in washerIron/Iron Bacteria:

Many wells have Iron or Iron Bacteria present as well. Iron reduces the efficiency of water-using appliances when build up in appliances clogging lines, or pumps in dishwashers or water dispensers. Iron/Iron Bacteria residue will collect in the base of the water heater causing the elements to burn out and reducing the capacity of the water heater. Appliances operating with Iron/Iron Bacteria water may need to be serviced or replaced more often.

Sulfur damaged Air conditionerOn Sulfur:

Many wells have Sulfur, known as a 'rotten egg' smell present as well. Sulfur gases are damaging to metals surfaces by degrading the metal. It doesn't have to be a water appliance. When any faucet is turn one sulfur gas is released in to the air, thus entering the air conditioning system and spreading throughout your home. Sulfur gases will degradate the piping and cause corrosion or pin-hole leaks. Problems occur in and around air conditioner coils, light fixtures, etc - anything with metal surfaces begin to pit and corrode. Operating with Sulfur water means appliances and fixtures may need to be serviced or replaced more often.

Soap and SkinOn Skin and Hair:

Bathing in water with hardness, iron/iron bacteria, low pH or sulfur present leaves a soap residue that clogs the pores on our skin causing excessive dryness, itching, irritation, and the need for lotions. Hard water dries hair out causing split ends and the increased need for conditioners and treatments. Low pH or acidic water can turn light color hair a greenish or blueish tint. Iron water can cause reddish staining to your hair. Neutralizing the acid and low pH level of the water will let you determine the color of your hair. Removal of Iron will prevent the reddish tint in your hair. Hard water enhances the effect of psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions.

LaundryOn Laundry:

Continued washing in water with low ph, hardness, iron/iron bacteria causes your colors to fade. Whites can look gray and dingy., White may also, due to bleaching, have a greenish or blueish tint. Continued washing in Iron/Sulfur water causes your colors and whites to look red or orange and dingy. If your water has iron or sulfur, bleaching causing oxidization which makes the substances cling to your whites giving them a red or orange tint and dingy look. Your clothing wears out 30% to 40% faster in hard water and requires the need of more soap to clean. Soap scum is left behind in your clothes, making the material feel harsh and scratchy. Most Laundry detergents need neutral water to clean clothes effectively.

Corroded PipesOn Plumbing:

Pipes clog with Iron, Sulfur and Hardness residue that reduces water flow and eventually requires pipe replacement. Sulfur gases will degradate the piping and cause corrosion or pin-hole leaks. Problems occur in other water appliances like pumps, dishwasher, ice dispenser. Low pH and Suflur gases will degragate pipes leaving pinhole leaks in your plumbing system.

PURE TECH™ Benefits

Clean DishesOn Appliances:

By removing impurities from the water the life of appliances is greatly improved. No deposit forming minerals to clog your pipes and your appliances will be free of solidified rock. A water heater using soft water saves nearly 20% to 30% more energy than water heaters using hard water. Appliances operating with soft water will work more efficiently and last longer. Neutral Water will extend the life of your faucets, copper piping and appliances. No more blue staining in sinks and tubs. Appliances operating with cleaned water will work more efficiently and last longer.

Skin and HairOn Skin and Hair:

Neutral, clean water will keep your hair's natural color. Soap residue will rinse off completely, thus allowing your natural oils to moisturize and soften your skin. In fact, many PURE TECH™ system owners find they use very little lotion or moisturizers after purchasing a PURE TECH™ system.

LaundryOn Laundry:

You'll find that your clothes will look brighter, your towels softer, and clothing will last 30% longer. Save money on soap and other cleaning supplies. With soft, neutral, clean water you will use 50% to 70% less detergent and will no longer need to use fabric softeners.

Clean VegysOther Great Benefits:

With the PURE TECH 3000™ system you will use 50% to 70% less Soap, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Juices and other household items that you currently add water to.
Pasta doesn't stick together, and your vegetables retain their color and vitamins.

All Systems are Delivered Pre-Assembled.
Just place the Control Valve on the System Tank and your Ready To Install!
Many of our competitors send parts and pieces for you to build your own system.


Download System Brochure, Owners Manual and Warranty on this system for your electronic viewing.

Need Pdf.pdf Reader? Download Adobe Reader Here

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