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Home Residential City Water Filtration

Pure Tech 2000c™ 13" Carbon System

Pure Tech 2000c™ 2 cuft Carbon 13" Filtration System, Fleck 5600 Backwash. This system will remove Chlorine, Taste and Odor from your water to give you a better tasting, more pleasant water at every faucet.
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The Pure Tech 2000c™ Carbon Filtration system is an excellent all purpose water filter system. This system uses a Synthetic Activated Carbon media to dramatically improve the taste, smell, and appearance of your water.

The systems single-tank design maximizes water pressure throughout your home. Manufactured with corrosion-proof fiberglass media/filter tanks with thick wall construction which won't rust or deteriorate. The Pure Tech Carbon Filtration system requires no maintenance, the system will backwash itself clean. There are no filters to be changed. The easy maintenance and operation of this system makes it an ideal choice.

Other systems on the market require their carbon and or other media to be changed after time. This unit will last a lifetime if maintained.

The Fleck 5600 Backwash Control Valve is a state of the art valve with the best performance rate of all water treatment valves. The One-Piece Noryl™ control valve is glass reinforced for exceptional strength and durability. It consists of heavy duty pistons and controls for exceptional performance for many years of service.

This system NEVER has to be replaced. Consider the savings after a few years of operation. This system works great for an add on to an existing softener system!

This Carbon Filtering System will:

  • Provide clean tasting water
  • Provide sweet drinking water
  • Remove taste and odors
  • Remove bad taste
  • Remove chlorine
  • Remove Lead, MTBE and THM
  • No more filters to change
  • No more bottled water to buy
  • Healthier hair and skin
  • No more lotions or conditioners
  • Treats the entire house

This unit uses Synthetic Activated Carbon™ media. You are already aware of the dangers of chlorine and other chemicals in your water, now you can remove them with the Pure Tech Carbon Filtration System. This is an excellent all purpose filter system to dramatically improve the taste, smell, and appearance of your water. Stop wasting money buying bottled water or little carbon filters that you have to change every month.

PURE TECH 2000c System Layout This system is designed with a combination of:

Synthetic Activated Carbon: Removes taste, odor, and lead. It will not allow bacteria to grow. (This is NOT regular carbon which has to be replaced every 3 to 4 years. It will recharge during every regeneration)

Gravel: Removes the larger particles out the water source.

*This is only a illustration of the different medias within our system. There will be a freeboard space. The Freeboard space is the empty space at the top of the system to allow the cleaning of the medias during the regeneration process to release dirt, and sediment, and send them to backwash. This allows the system to clean itself 100 percent. Other systems on the market require the media to be replaced or added to. This system NEVER has to be replaced when properly maintained. Consider the savings after a few years of operation. This is the best system for you and your family in the water treatment industry.

Drink Crisp, Clean Water From Your Faucet!Everything included with your system:

  • PURE TECH 2000c 13" 2cuft Carbon Filter System
  • Fleck 5600 Backwash Control Valve
  • 3/4” or 1” Plastic Bypass Connection Upgradeable to Stainless Steel
  • Very Detailed Installation Instructions - Perfect for the DIY!



Maximum Capacity
Before Backwash is needed
10,000 PPM
20,000 PPM
30,000 PPM
Maximum Iron*
Maximum Chlorine
Water Pressure Range (PSI)
25 - 100
25 - 100
25 - 100
Water Temperature
30°F - 100°F
30°F - 100°F
30°F - 100°F
Electrical Requirements (volts-hertz)
110 - 50/60
110 - 50/60
110 - 50/60
Pipe Size
3/4" or 1"
3/4" or 1"
3/4" or 1"
System Height
9" (dia) x 61" (h)
10" (dia) x 61" (h)
13" (dia) x 61" (h)

*When used with the Pure Tech 250 Chlorinator™

Atlanta Water Group Warranty Comparison


Control Valve Options

Fleck 5600 12-Day Filter Valve

  • Fleck 5600 12 Day Timer Backwash Control Valve (standard)

Bypass Valve Options

  • 3/4" Plastic Bypass
  • 1" Plastic Bypass
  • 3/4" Stainless Steel (14.95 Upgrade)
  • 1" Stainless Steel (14.95 Upgrade)

Hard Water Effects

Crisp Clean WaterOn Drinking Water:

Municipal water is treated with chlorine and other chemicals. Many of these chemicals are still in the water. Your water supply may have a bad taste or odor, Clorine, MTBE's and traces of Lead in it.

Soap and SkinOn Skin and Hair:

Bathing with untreated water allows chlorine to be absorbed throuhg the skin causing excessive dryness, itching, irritation, and the need for lotions. This enhances the effects of psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. Chlorinated water dries your hair out causing split ends and the increased need for conditioners and leave-in treatments.

Pure Tech™ Benefits

Clean DishesOn Drinking Water:

The PURE TECH 2000c™ Carbon Filtration system removes Lead, MTBE's, THM, bad taste and odors leaving your water with a clean, sweet taste. No more buying bottled water or filters to change. Treats all water entering your home.

Skin and HairOn Skin and Hair:

Chlorine and other impurities are removed from your water, preventing your skin from absorbing chlorine in the shower or washing your hands at the sink. It leaves you with healthier hair and skin. In fact, many PURE TECH™ system owners find they use very little lotion or moisturizers after purchasing a PURE TECH™ system.


Download System Brochure, Owners Manual and Warranty on this system for your electronic viewing.

Need Pdf.pdf Reader? Download Adobe Reader Here

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