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Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the ‘System Selector’ to easily help you select a system that is best suited for you. CLICK HERE FOR HELP SELECTING A SYSTEM

We have been manufacturing these systems for over 16 years. They have been field tested for even longer. Rest assured that we take pride in our systems and you will only receive the highest quality system on the market.

All Pure Tech™ systems come with a full 10 Year Non Pro-rated Warranty.

All systems come with a 120 day money back guarantee.

The PURE TECH 2000™ was designed for city water that is already treated. City water that you buy must meet EPA standards for drinking. Please know that these are bare minimum standards. The PURE TECH 3000™ was designed for well water that has not been or only slightly treated. It can clean the hardest and harshest well water out there.

1) City water is already treated. City water that you buy must meet EPA standards for drinking. Please know that these are bare minimum standards.

2) Well water has not been or only slightly treated. Well water is mainly pulled directly from the homeowner’s property.

The only system that will correct a low pH is the PURE TECH 1500™ pH Neutralizer. If you have a high pH then the systems will lower it. The Pure Tech™ systems will only balance the pH it lowers, it will not correct an already low pH.

All city water supplies should meet EPA standards; unless you have been advised to boil your water. If a company has told you the water is hazardous, then please contact your local water department to find out more.

A drinking water well should have a casing that extends above the ground surface. The well should be cased underground to the beginning of bedrock to prevent loose soil and rock from filling the borehole. A grout seal should be filled around the casing to prevent surface water contamination. The top of the casing should be fitted with a sanitary well cap that seals the well to the outside to prevent insects and animals from gaining entry to the well.

Wells in the US can range from less than 10 feet to more than 1000 feet deep. The average well is usually between 100 and 200 feet.

The majority of private water wells have at least one water quality problem. Some of these problems cause nuisance stains while others are legitimate health concerns. The most common health-related problems are coli-form bacteria, lead, nitrates and man-made organic pollutants. The most common nuisance problems are corrosives, hardness, iron, and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor).

Coli-form bacteria include a large group of common bacteria. Some of these bacteria are harmful but many are harmless. They are used as an "indicator" to determine whether a pathway exists for dangerous bacteria to enter your water supply. Their presence does not guarantee that your water is unsafe to drink but it does indicate that harmful bacteria could enter your water at any time.

Drinking water standards give the acceptable level of a pollutant in drinking water.

There are two types of standards: primary and secondary.
Primary standards apply to pollutants that cause health problems like coli-form bacteria, nitrate or lead.
Secondary pollutants apply to pollutants that cause aesthetic problems (stains, odors, tastes) like iron, manganese, or chloride. There are over 100 pollutants with a drinking water standard.

Look at the land-use activities around your home. Pollutants that enter water wells can often be linked to activities on the land surface (mining, agriculture, industry, houses, etc.). Also, note any symptoms of your water (tastes, stains, odors). These too can be used to guide water testing. In general, you should test your water annually for coli-form bacteria. Every three years, get your water tested for pH and total dissolved solids.

Generally you can have a local company come and test the water. This is usually free provided you let them give you a quote. You can send us a water sample (must be overnight delivery) and we can test it for you at no charge. Please Click Here to have your water tested for free..

Land use activities that affect a well or spring can usually be seen from the home or are in close proximity to the home. Activities that are several miles from your home are unlikely to affect your groundwater quality.

Yes, you can. After extensive testing by the EPA and the WQA (Water Quality Association) it has been proved that there are no detrimental affects from draining the water treatment equipment to a drain field or septic system. CLICK HERE to read the full report by the EPA.

One easy way is to use our system selection chart. It lists the common problems and which system corrects it. You can visit the system selector by CLICKING HERE

Water filters are design to target specific contaminants. You must choose a system according with the contaminants that you're concerned with. Sometimes these contaminants are easy to detect when their presence is eminent.

Common Symptoms for city or community water: taste and odor, chlorine, turbidity or hardness.

Common Symptoms for well water: taste and odor, chlorine, turbidity, hardness, iron stains, rotten smell odor (sulfur), green/blue stains (Low Ph), etc

If you have city water, you can request a water quality analysis report at your local water authority. This report should show the important aspects to be considered when choosing a water filter to treat hardness, chlorine, and turbidity. If you have well water it is recommended that you test your water for contaminants. You can use any in home water test kit or you can send a sample for a free water test from us. CLICK HERE to send a water sample for testing. Either way, city or well water, the safest way is testing your water and seeing what contaminants are present and what needs to be removed.

Chlorine can be eliminated by using a Carbon Filter Media. There are several filter systems in our website that include a synthetic carbon media filtration for the elimination of chlorine. Some of them are: under sink dual drinking water systems, reverse osmosis systems, whole house carbon filters, shower and bath filters. And the best is the PURE TECH 2000™ or a PURE TECH 2000c™

Wells in the US can range from less than 10 feet to more than 1000 feet deep. The average well is usually between 100 and 200 feet.

Whether you are on city water or well water there are many contaminants that get into your water supply. Iron, iron bacteria, sulfur, hardness, tannins, lead, and chlorine are just a few of the more common contaminants that could be there (see our Water Problems page for more information). You could also have hard water which causes you a whole list of problems (these can be found in our Effects of Hard Water page in our Learning Center). A filtration system will take care of these problems and allow you to save a great deal of money on bottled water, soap, shampoo, tea, coffee, etc.

Whole house filters comes in different styles and have different purposes. They all offer different levels of safety when it comes to drinking water. You do need to be able to block contaminants as small as bacteria and pesticide. If you own a whole house ultraviolet filtration system, then you are probably getting down to the smallest level of filtration. Ultraviolet systems are capable of rearranging the DNA molecules to prevent the cells from reproducing. The bacteria are considered dead for all practical purposes. Other whole house systems like softeners and carbon filters do not offer this level of protection when it comes to drinking water unless they are accompanied with an ultraviolet drinking water system or reverse osmosis system. Please note: Just because the light is on with a UV system does not mean it is working. UV bulbs should be changed on a yearly basis.

There are several process that effectively remove or neutralize bacteria and others microorganism. The micro filtration is process of removing particles from 0.1 to 0.0002 micron in size and is extremely effective removing bacteria, fungal spores, yeast and some viruses since they fall into this size range, the reverse osmosis process belongs to this category. The ultraviolet dis-infections are also effective in neutralizing microorganism. Microbes are destroyed when UV light penetrates the cell wall and cytoplasm membrane and is absorbed by the nucleic acids. The UV energy rearranges DNA molecules and prevents the cells from reproducing. It's then considered dead for all practical purposes. The degree of destruction of microbes is a product of UV intensity multiplied by contact time. The lower end of macro filtration filters that have 0.5 micron filtration capabilities are also effective removing micro organisms including e-coli bacteria and cyst reduction like Giardia, Cryptosporidium and Coliform bacteria which falls into this size range.

It can be treated by the PURE TECH 250™ Chlorinator, or the PURE TECH™ UV System.

Water in the home may be "hard" or "soft," depending on its mineral content. Water that contains more than one grain of minerals per gallon is said to be 'hard." Calcium, magnesium, iron and lead some example of minerals that can be found in hard water. The solution to soft the water is a water softener or conditioner. We do have the Pure Tech 500™ Shower Filter De-chlorinating Shower Filter. The specially designed media acts upon the water to create a softer, more energized shower "feel" and improve both lathering and sudsing.

Green/Blue stains are often seen in low pH water (acidic water). The stains can be prevented by raising the water pH to its Neutral level (7). The PURE TECH 1500™ pH Neutralizer will correct your low pH problem. The PURE TECH 3000™ will lower your pH to a neutral.

To eliminate hard water, you will need a water filtration system, often called water conditioner system. Please CLICK HERE to visit our System Selector

Iron can be found in four different forms:

Ferrous Iron: It is often called "clear iron" and the iron particles are no visible in the water. The iron particle will rust once they interact with air and oxidize. It can be treated by the PURE TECH 3000™, or the PURE TECH 3000si™.

Ferric Iron: It is often called "red water iron" and the iron particles are visible in the water. The iron particles in this case rust when they are in contact with the water forming solid particles and therefore, they can be mechanical filtered. This form of iron can be treated with a Manganese Greensand Iron Filter or with a Backwash Birm Media Filter. It can be treated by the PURE TECH 3000™, PURE TECH 3000si™., or the PURE TECH 2500™.

Bacterial Iron: It is often called "pink water iron" and it may not be visible in the water. However, you may see a reddish/green slime build up where water is kept for period of time like toilets and bathtub. As it name indicates, this form of iron are iron particles that have or have had life. This form of iron may need to be treated with chlorine. It can be treated by the PURE TECH 3000™, or the PURE TECH 3000si™.

Colloidal Iron: Very small oxidized (colloidal size) iron particles are suspended in the water and they may be combined with organic matter which causes them to repel each other. This form of iron is visible in the water and it looks similar to the ferric Iron. This form of iron is not mechanical filterable, because the iron particles are very small and in suspension. The water needs to be treated with chlorine first so the organic matter bound with the iron particles are eliminated and the iron particles left can flock together in order for conventional filtration to be applied. It can be treated by the PURE TECH 3000™, PURE TECH 3000si™, or the PURE TECH 2500™.

We carry several systems that address this problem. Please visit our PURE TECH 3000™, or the PURE TECH 3000si™.

Cyst can be removed with micro filtration systems like a Reverse osmosis system (with or without NSF testing) and a filter cartridge with absolute pore size of 1 micron or smaller (with or without NSF testing). We carry under counter filtration PURE TECH 700™ Filter, PURE TECH 1000™ 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System, and RO filtered bottle-less water coolers PURE TECH 1200™ RO Cooler which contain a rating of 0.5 microns filtration with cyst removal capabilities.

For further assistance on an irrigation system, Please call 1-888-740-2872 or e-mail us at 'Contact Us'

Please contact us if you don't find the replacement filter that you are looking for. Even if we don't currently have it on our website, we may have it in our inventory or we may have it under another name or style. Please call 1-888-740-2872 or e-mail us at 'Contact Us'.

It is possible that you may have Ferrous Iron often called "clear iron" and the iron particles are not visible in the water. The iron particles will oxidize and rust once they interact with air. This form of iron cannot be mechanical filtered from the water. It can be treated by ion exchange using a PURE TECH 3000™ Well System .

Lead can be eliminated with micro filtration like reverse osmosis or with a drinking water filter that specifically mentions lead removal in the specifications. We carry and recommend any of the following:
PURE TECH 500™ Shower Filter
PURE TECH 700™ Filter 2-Stage Under Counter Filter
PURE TECH 1000™ 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System
PURE TECH 2000c™ Carbon Filtration
PURE TECH 2000™ City Water System
PURE TECH 3000™ Well Water System

There are reverse osmosis and ultraviolet dis-infections systems that comes with a booster pump for low water pressure applications. Please see our PURE TECH 1000™ 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System you can add the booster pump as an option.

If you see a product that you like, but wish to have an additional feature - We can custom build any water filtration system with other features like adding - ultraviolet filtration, booster pumps, combining media for more specialized filtration, etc. You will need to contact us and send information on the additional feature you would like to order. If needed, we will request more specific information about your application, for example, pH, iron, hardness, water pressure, etc. We will then submit your request to our technical department to assure that the customized feature will not interfere with the products current capabilities and to make sure it will fit your application.


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