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Bottled vs. Bottleless

EPA Bottled Water Study

Manufacturers of bottled water, unfortunately, are not required to adhere to the same rigorous quality standards and municipal water treatment facilities. Bottled water is not regulated by the EPA but by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Although the FDA attempts to follow the EPA's tap-water standards, it is not required to do so, thus allowing a greater range of bacterial contaminants to be present in bottled water.

According to the World Health Organization, "Some substances may prove more difficult to manage in bottled than tap water”. This is generally because bottled water is stored for longer periods and at higher temperatures than water distributed in piped distribution systems. Control of materials used in containers and closures for bottled waters is, therefore, of special concern. In addition, some micro-organisms, which are normally of little or no public health significance, may grow to higher levels in bottled waters."

Bottled water is rarely fluoridated, a process undertaken by most municipal water systems. Yet bottled-water manufacturers may use other additives, such as caffeine. And, surprisingly, bottled water may come from the same source as your tap water. Bottled water that is labeled "artesian," "mineral" or "spring" is coming from a ground source, just as tap water does. Thus, you should always read the label before you purchase any brand of bottled water.

Deficiencies in bottling firms' surveillance, facilities and their operation and plant quality control result in the production of bottled water whose quality doesn't comply with the 1962 U.S. Public Health Service Drinking Water Standards.

The pilot survey of 25 bottling establishments and bacteriological and chemical examination of approximately 50 bottled water products revealed the following:

  • Eight percent of the bottled water samples examined evidenced the presence of the coliform organism which is an indicator of the potential presence of pathogenic bacteria. High standard plate counts gave additional evidence of contamination.
  • Gross changes in standard plate counts were noted in the 25 samples that were examined during a 63-day heat storage test.
  • Discrepancies were found between the actual chemical composition and that stated or implied on the label.
  • Quality control measures were generally deficient in the bacteriological and chemical analysis of the bottled water and were not regularly performed. Bacteriological surveillance was judged inadequate in almost all cases.
  • None of the 25 bottles reported ever having a complete chemical analyses of their bottled water. Laboratory control data revealed virtually complete lack of source water testing or chemical analyses of finished water.
  • Based upon criteria covering eight sanitation categories, it was found that in many cases bottling was not performed under sanitary conditions. Sanitary deficiencies were found in all facilities surveyed.
  • Plastic bottles arrived at the plant in cardboard cartons and are shipped without caps, thus the interiors are exposed to airborne contamination and the presence of foreign matter. Yet, these bottles are presumed by the bottlers to be sanitary enough to be filled without even rinsing.
  • Glass bottles are usually washed with a hot caustic solution but the temperature or strength of the caustic solution is seldom monitored. Bottle caps are sometimes used directly from the packages in which they are received, sometimes (but not always) disinfected and frequently placed on by hand.
  • The significance of employee sanitation and facility maintenance is that the product water is subject to contamination, not only from the containers, but also from the physical surroundings and the people who come in contact with any part of the bottling operation.
  • It seems apparent that high bacteria plate counts occurred in water subject to filtering or distillation, as well as those subjected to any of the forms of disinfection commonly used in the bottling industry.
  • In some cases labeling of bottled water did not correspond with the contents revealed by chemical analysis. Results of chemical analyses revealed trace amounts of the following in virtually every sample: chlorine, sulfate, nitrate, copper, manganese, lead, iron, zinc, mercury and arsenic.

The Advantages vs. Bottled Water Coolers

Bottle-Less Water Coolers look, and perform, like office bottled water coolers, with many advantages over the 5-gallon jugs. Bottle-Less Coolers come in Hot Cold, as well as Cold-Only models. They are installed with Water Filtration Systems connected to your building's water supply. The filtration systems purify the water, removing taste, odor, chlorine, lead, THMs, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, as well as pesticides, VOC's, and 99.9% of all particles down to 0.5 micron in size. Minerals and fluoride are not removed by the filtration systems.

Installation of Bottle-Less Water Coolers takes approximately 15 minutes, using flexible plastic tubing, hidden from view. Coolers must be located within 300 ft. of nearest water source, but are most easily installed in kitchens, break rooms, coffee stations, or near bathrooms and drinking water fountains.

In addition, there are many advantages to switching to Bottle-Less Water Coolers. Some of which are outlined below:

  1. Pure Tech 1200 Bottleless Water CoolerCOST SAVINGS: 50% - 75% Savings Over Bottled Water
    • Average savings over bottled water is 65%.
    • Immediate, as well as Long Term Cost Savings.
  2. CONVENIENCE: Bottle-Less Water Coolers Are Maintenance Free
    • No Bottles.
    • No Deliveries
    • No Storage Space Needed
    • No Running Out of Drinking Water
    • No Monthly Delivery Interruptions
    • No Reconciling Confusing Monthly Bills
    • No Security Issues with Bottled water delivery drivers
  3. WATER QUALITY: Better Than Bottled: Reason---Bacteria Growth
    • Bottled Water is Filtered, Then Bottled. After Bottling They Are Not Refrigerated. Bottles Grow and Harbor High Levels of Bacteria.
    • Dirt, Dust, and Airborne Bacteria Can Easily Enter Bottled Coolers Through the Large Opening in the Top of the Cooler.
    • Neck of Bottles Are Rarely Cleaned or Sanitized Before Placing on Water Cooler, Introducing Dirt, and Bacteria into the Cold Storage Tank.

Tastes Great! - Nutritionalists recommend drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day for optimum good health. With the convenience of refreshing filtered water right in your home or office, it's easy to meet your body's requirements. What's more, your family will choose filtered water over more expensive beverages.

Looks Great! - The contemporary styling of our bottle-less water coolers will look great in your home or office. And, since it only takes about one square foot of floor space, it easily fits into any interior.

Save Space! – Bottle-less water coolers will end the inconvenience of storing full and empty bottles of water.


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